Rivals100 Chat Highlights's team of analysts took your questions this afternoon on the latest release of the Rivals100, the final edition of the 2013 class. Michigan-related highlights here.
Comment From Justin
What can you tell me about Durham Smyth because I just heard about him a week ago.
Jason Howell: Smythe is a big tight end. He's a solid receiver. Has some room to grow into his frame. Also a pretty solid blocker.
Comment From John Morrison
Why did Morris drop so much, whereas Hackenberg rose? From what I saw, both struggled greatly with consistency.
Mike Farrell: John Morrison -- Hackenberg showed much more ability to go through progressions, throw across his body, move around in the pocket and throw on the run not only in the game but throughout the week. He is clearly the more polished passer and has the better upside of the two.
Kynon Codrington: John Morrison-Morris struggled with the same problems he entered the game with and that is accuracy and going through his progressions. Hackenberg was the best QB there as far as mechanics and understanding of the position. He has a good release and knows where to go with the ball. Shane is a one read guy right now who can only throw to his left. We like his arm and potential, but he is behind Hackenberg at this stage.
Comment From J
Prediction for Derrick Green?
Adam Friedman: J- My guess is Michigan with Tennessee in a close second.
Comment From Paul E
Why did Shane Morris drop so far?
Rob Cassidy: Paul E -- He struggled with his progression at Under-Armour. Still think he's a great QB, but some weaknesses showed up on the big stage. Mainly his patience and his reads. Still has all the tools. Huge arm.
Comment From davetn
Speaking of NCAA, what will be the impact of new recruiting rules?...the good and the bad?
Rob Cassidy: Davetn-- That's tough to explain in this space. I'll send you to a column a wrote on the subject last week. My opinion is outlining there.
Comment From Stu
If Derrick Green doesn't pick Michigan who does he pick?
Adam Friedman: Stu- I think it will be Tennessee if it isn't Michigan. Auburn has an outside shot.
Comment From Austin
How is Derrick Green number 8 in the 100 and Derrick Henry a 4 star?
Adam Friedman: Austin- Green is a more polished running back than Griffin.
Comment From Hovpen
Keep a close eye on Kansas next season. The state is loaded with prospects including several capable linemen.
Rob Cassidy: Hovepen -- Braden Smith is a monster. No question. Good running back at Wyndotte, too.
Rob Cassidy: Hovepen -- Yeah, there are plenty of players in Kansas. Smith is probably the best, though. Of the one's I've seen anyway. Still plenty of time to get to know more of them.
Comment From Guest
Doesn't it seem a little strange to promote/drop guys so much on one week of an all-star game? Some of these guys haven't played in weeks/month and may not show out the best so drop or promote them?
Adam Gorney: Guest - It is our one and only time in pads to compare them against each other. It's extremely valuable.
Comment From Stan
Who lands Hunt?
Adam Gorney: Stan - My bet would be Oregon or Ohio State with Cal still in it.
Comment From Mike W.
Any discussion to put Jourdan Lewis into the Top 100? What did you guys think of him at the Army game?
Mike Farrell: Mike W. -- we liked him but he's just too small to be a R100 cornerback in our opinion. He's pretty high in the 250 however
Comment From AuburnFan
Can auburn land Derrick Green?
Kynon Codrington: AuburnFan - I think they have a shot, but Michigan was his leader at one point.
Adam Friedman: AuburnFan- It's possible. The family liked Coach Malzahn but they like Michigan and Tennessee better.
Comment From rdford
Where do you think Durham Smythe ends up at ; ND, Mich, or elsewhere
Jason Howell: Smythe has always liked Notre Dame and I think they make it hard for him to say no. Stanford is also a school to watch
Comment From Michael
Is Shane Morris keeping his fifth star?
WoodyWommack: Michael,
No, the new rankings are already out.
Comment From Guest
henry poggi look good does he stay at michigan or bama have a shot
Adam Friedman: Guest- Poggi will more than likely stay at Michigan. He only visited Bama to see former teammate Cyrus Jones.
Comment From Blue
Which NFL player is Derrick Green most similar to?
Mike Farrell: Blue -- Marshawn Lynch
Stay tuned tomorrow for more from the new set of Rivals rankings. The Rivals250 will be updated tomorrow, along with another livechat with the team of analysts.