Rivals250 Chat Highlights

Hfwwikketmidbadpgdpp's team of analysts took questions from readers in a live chat this afternoon. Michigan-related highlights are recapped here. Click here for a full replay of the chat.
Comment From Paul
With Taco Charlton having by all accounts a great senior season, what kept him at the lower end of the 250?
Josh Helmholdt: Paul, Taco got a little bump after his senior season when we updated rankings in November. We have seen a lot of him and feel comfortable with where he is ranked in the nation
Comment From Chris
Who do Vols get? Lawson, Bell, Green, Bellamy, and North???
WoodyWommack: Chris
Bellamy and Lawson might be best shots out of that group.
Comment From Matt
Three of the last four years the nation's No. 1 player has been a DE. What position do you guys think will have the best player in the 2014 class?
Mike Farrell: Matt -- another DE right now in Da'Shawn Hand
Comment From Paul
Derrick Green to Michigan this Saturday?
Adam Friedman: Paul- The Wolverines are the favorite but Tennessee and Auburn could surprise.
Comment From Scott
I think with rivals 250, espn 150, on and on you guys have turned high school players into arrogant little punks!!
Rob Cassidy: Scott -- We are totally ruining America's youth.
Comment From Paul
Who do you think lands Durham Smythe?
Jason Howell: Paul, Stanford or Notre Dame would be my best guesses
Comment From Paul
What keeps Deveon Smith from getting a 4th star?
Josh Helmholdt: Paul, Deveon just does not have the explosiveness to be in four-star territory. He runs with great balance and power, but doesn't have a great burst
Comment From Rob
if green picks michigan on the 26th - how many spots does he drop?
WoodyWommack: Rob,
The rankings are final.
Comment From Bux12
Why no love for Gareon Conley? He is a consensus 4-Star on all the other major recruiting sites.
Josh Helmholdt: Bux - Some people jumped out pretty early and ranked Gareon too high. In a setting like the Under Armour Game it was clear he was not among the elite, elite cornerbacks in the country. Gareon is a very good ballplayer, but we are comfortable where we have him rated
Comment From blue
did LTT have a bad week at the under armour game? is that why he dropped out fo the 250?
Josh Helmholdt: blue - yeah, it was a rough week for Tuley-Tillman down in Orlando.
Comment From Paul
Will Gedeon, Delano Hill, and Shallman stay unranked 4 stars?
Josh Helmholdt: Paul,
I was able to find some late-posted video on Gedeon and we did not see the progression we expected out of him, but the others we have not seen since the last rankings update. All remain just outside the 250
Comment From blue
if you didnt attend an all star game, does that mean you automatically drop 20 spots? do you guys still have the same opinions on michigan's recruits like mccray, bosch or fox? i guess someone had to drop if players went up.
Mike Farrell: blue -- any drop less than 20 slots essentially means we feel the same about the prospect since last time but others slid ahead.
Comment From Zach
Was Durham Smythe considered for the 250 and could he see a 4* bump tomorrow? Don't know much about him
Jason Howell: Zach, not this time around. I like him a lot and think he is a talent and slotted very well at 5.7 3-star
Comment From AndrewVol
What current college or NFL running back does Derrick Green remind you of?
Mike Farrell: AndrewVol -- Marshawn Lynch
Comment From Gamecock Fan #1
Does Dan Skipper end up at Ole Miss, UT or Arkansas.
Adam Gorney: Gamecock - I am checking to see how his latest round of visits went today. No real read on what he's thinking right now.
Comment From Paul
Which of Michigan's DB recruits will see the field early? Any of Lewis, Douglas, Stribling, Dymonte, Hill, or Dawson?
Josh Helmholdt: Paul, I have not seen Stribling, but I would say one of Hill or Douglas sees the field first in the defensive backfield. Jourdan Lewis could see it next fall on special teams
Stay tuned over the next two days for the final pieces of the Rankings Release.