Stauskas, Robinson impress at NBA Combine

The NBA Combine began today, and former Michigan players Nik Stauskas and Glenn Robinson III are making headlines from the event.
Stauskas and Robinson sat down to chat with Seth Davis and Steve Smith of NBATV to talk about the Combine and what the two players are working on in order to prepare for the NBA Draft in June.
"For me, I am going to have to prove that I can guard other twos at the next level," Stauskas said. "Offensively, I have shown a lot of people what I can do, and I still want to show that my ball-handling and my play the pick-and-roll are good. Once I can show that I can really defend at the next level against those two guards, it will separate me from other people."
Stauskas, the Big Ten Player Of The Year in 2014, scored 1,060 points in two seasons with the Wolverines.
He ended his career with a three-point field goal percentage of 44.1 percent and an overall field goal percentage of 46.7 percent.
Last season, he led the Wolverines in points (630, 17.5 per game) and assists (118, 3.3 per game). Although Stauskas proved himself as one of the Big Ten's most effective, dangerous offensive players last season, he is still working to be an overall better player on that end of the court.
"The main thing for me is to just tighten up my handle," Stauskas said. "At times this year, I have been a little loose with my handle and lost control of it. I am just trying to keep the ball as tight as I can. For me, it has been a lot of shooting off the dribble. That is going to be key for me, because I know I can catch-and-shoot already. The more lethal I can be off the pick-and-roll and pull up and make those kinds of decisions, that will help me moving forward."
For Robinson, who mostly played at the four in his two seasons with the Wolverines, the transition to the NBA will also, most likely, come with a position switch, to the three.
"That is something I really know I can do," Robinson said. "I am going to have to show it to other people, because I did play the four in college. That is what the team needed me to do, and fortunately, we made back-to-back Elite Eights and we had the winningest two-year stretch in program history. I did what I had to do for the team, but now it is time to step up and do the things I know I can do.
"I want to how my overall skill set. That is tough to find nowadays, a player that can do it all. That is something I would like to improve on, and I want to showcase my defensive abilities, offense and athleticism. I feel like I can do that today."
Although both players have work to do at the Combine, they also want to enjoy the moment.
"Obviously, this means a lot," Stauskas said. "The main thing I heard about the interviews is to just be yourself. Be who you are and true to yourself. Other than that, I am just trying have fun. I want to enjoy this experience, because you only go through it once. I want to take it all in.
"I am enjoying every moment of this," added Robinson. "You can't get it back. As far as interviewing and the whole process, it's going to be an exciting time. It can either separate you or hurt you, but if you just stay true to yourself, be who you are and don't make up things or lie, you have nothing to worry about."
Below is a Tweet Up compilation of the players' news, coming out of their NBA Combine performances today.
Nik Stauskas
Body Fat: 12.1%
Height Without Shoes: 6'5.25''
Standing Reach: 8'6''
Weight: 206.9
Wingspan" 6'17.75''
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Glenn Robinson III
Body Fat: 0%
Hand Length: 9
Hand Width: 9.5
Height Without Shoes: 6'5.5''
Standing Reach: 8'4.5''
Weight: 211.4
Wingspan" 6'10''
Glen Robinson III (@GRIII) can break the vertical leap record at the NBA Combine— NBA Guru (@bballguruu) May 15, 2014
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Players that have/will interview with Pistons so far at Draft Combine: Exum, Stauskas, Robinson III, Gordon, Vonleh— Pistons Palace (@PistonsPalaceFS) May 15, 2014
Mitch McGary:
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