Taylor Lewan impressing at NFL Combine

Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan probably improved his draft stock Saturday morning. The 6-7, 309-pounder ran a 4.85 40-yard dash with a split time of 1.64 seconds after impressing reporters with his candor days earlier.
Michael Schofield, too, impressed with a 4.9 40 time.
Lewan has always been a great interview, but he's admitted matured in the last few years, especially. The questions he faced from NFL brass included "how many uses are there for a paper clip?" among others.
"I came up with a baker's dozen," he said. "The answer was millions."
Other than that, he was on the mark. He denied allegations that he was involved in a fight on campus or that he tried to intimidate a student in the Brendan Gibbons' situation.
"That's not who I am off the field, not the kind of person I am," he said. "It might seem that way because of the way I play football, but I'm not that kind of person … those are not things I've said. I'm the kind of guy who holds doors [for women]."
Lewan hopes to follow in Jake Long and other former Wolverines' footsteps, almost assuredly a high, first round pick, and he's leaned on Steve Hutchinson, Jon Jansen and Long, among others, for advice. Long texted him immediately after the bowl game to offer help.
He reiterated having no regrets about returning for his fifth year, insisting he's a better pass blocker, especially, than he was a year ago. He knew it was a gamble, but he's healthy and as strong as ever (he put up 29 reps at 225 pounds) and will be excited to join any NFL team.
His freshman year in high school he didn't pass half his classes, Lewan recalled. He turned it around to become an All-American and the Big Ten's best lineman for two years, ready to make an impact at the next level.
"Having a chance to play for Michigan, you don't take those things for granted," he said. "In four to five years to change my entire life, to be standing on this podium - being her right now is a dream come true regardless what happens in May."