Tuesday Thoughts: Spin vs. Hope for the Future

Offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier has been lauded everywhere he's been, yet some aren't convinced the former Alabama offensive coordinator is the slam dunk hire many believe he is. The most vocal pundits, of course, are the usual suspects (the guys you don't read - or listen to - because you know exactly what they're going to write or say, and it's going to be spun negatively.
Sorting out the objective from the subjective is a chore in today's media, especially. To say things have changed radically in the last 10 years - heck, the last two - would be an understatement.
But the truth is out there if you did deep enough. We've gotten confirmation from a number of Alabama sources that Nussmeier was an outstanding football coach, just maybe not the right fit with head coach Nick Saban.
Others, like's Jim Comparoni and Matt Dorsey, saw enough of Michigan's new coordinator during his three years as a quarterbacks coach at Michigan State to consider him a future star.
"Doug Nussmeier's decision to leave Michigan State in order to accept a position on Scott Linehan's staff for the St. Louis Rams is a tough loss for the Spartans," Comparoni wrote. "
"Mainly because Nussmeier is an exceptional dude.
"Wherever Nussmeier is, he is invariably the coolest guy in the room. ( recruiting analyst) Matt Dorsey and I have talked about that in the past, and how it has to help in recruiting to have a guy like Nussmeier walk into a school or a living room or a scouting combine and represent your school. Nussmeier cuts an exceptional image. He is what a lot of these recruits want to become.
"He has the visor, the smile, the NFL background as a QB. He's not your average Joe. He's a high-percentile cat.
"On the field, whether it's an MSU practice or summer camp, watching Nussmeier work with QBs was like seeing a big brother instruct his little brothers. There was seriousness and fun, but also an immense level of trust and sincerity.
"Matt and I once concluded, "If a QB gets visited by UM's Scott Loeffler one week, and then Nussmeier the next, there is just no contest as to who is the more impressive football guy.
"Sure, U-M has a lot of other things to sell, and MSU is in the process of building. But from a pure positional coaching standpoint, Loeffler can't possibly hold Nussmeier's clipboard.
"Nussmeier hit the recruiting trail for the first time three years ago, and he was making a lot of progress toward becoming a huge-time recruiter. If he had had more time in the college ranks, and was able to recruit for a New Year's Day program, he would be a home run hitter on signing day."
Sounds like a winner to us.
Still, the spin doctors are still out in full force. Here's our take on much more of what's going on behind the scenes Inside The Fort.