Tweet Up: Michigan 79, Nebraska 50

Michigan bounced back from its loss to Indiana in a big way, cruising past Nebraska, 79-50. This is a chronological timeline of how the game played out on Twitter:
First Half:
Combination of early start time and the snow means the non-student seats are maybe 50% full at tipoff.- Ace Anbender (@AceAnbender) February 5, 2014
Michigan opens the game with an alley-oop from LeVert to Robinson. Yes, more of that, please.- Rod Beard (@detnewsRodBeard) February 5, 2014
#Clev on pace for 120 in a 160-0 shutout. Avenge 1997.- Griffin Hickman (@griffinhickman) February 5, 2014
INSTANT HIGHLIGHT: Now, this is how you start a game, @umichbball! Glenn Robinson III with the alley-oop! WATCH - Big Ten Network (@BTN_Michigan) February 5, 2014
Nebraska hasn't run a single high pick and roll yet. Do they not remember the first match-up?- Bry Mac (@Bry_Mac) February 5, 2014
Michigan already matched it's number of three-point makes from the Indiana game. #ShotsShotsShotsShotsShotsShots- Andy Reid (@AReid_Wolverine) February 5, 2014
Nebraska killed U-M with ball screens in first meeting. Looks like U-M is switching or doubling P&R now rather than traditional hedge.- Dylan Burkhardt (@umhoops) February 5, 2014
Before we get too excited about Irvin, let's enjoy Stauskas while he's still around.- Alex Cook (@Alex_MnB) February 5, 2014
Michigan is salivating over this 2-3 zone...hitting outside shots adds a little confidence.- Rod Beard (@detnewsRodBeard) February 5, 2014
Biggest issues with Irvin's game right now: struggles off the ball on D, not an elite rebounder yet, no go-to dribble move. Otherwise, woot.- Chris Gaerig (@cgaerig) February 5, 2014
Michigan's offense is getting whatever it wants right now. Like, anything. They're getting the extra guac for free.- Bry Mac (@Bry_Mac) February 5, 2014
Huge difference between 3's going in today and 3's they missed at IU Coming off NorthSouth penetration and inside kicks today, more rhythm- Josh Bartelstein (@Jbart20) February 5, 2014
U-M with 10 assists on 11 baskets... 7:33 left in half, lead Nebraska 30-14- Mark Snyder (@Mark__Snyder) February 5, 2014
Great to see @DenardX and @DevG98 here!- Maize Rage (@UMMaizeRage) February 5, 2014
In its last two games, Michigan totaled 18 assists and 26 turnovers. Thus far tonight, U-M has nine assists and three turnovers.- Drew Hallett (@DrewCHallett) February 5, 2014
GR3 DUNK 👌 #LiveFromCrisler @umichbball Haley Coghlan (@HaleyCoghlan) February 6, 2014
OMG DENARD! And some other guy. #LiveFromCrisler Griffin Hickman (@griffinhickman) February 6, 2014
I've said it before, but Michigan's offense is the crane kick from Karate Kid. When do right, no can defend.- Bry Mac (@Bry_Mac) February 6, 2014
To the guy who yelled "SHOOT IT" when Irvin caught that pass in the corner: I don't think that was entirely necessary.- Ace Anbender (@AceAnbender) February 6, 2014
Zac Irvin on fire!!- Dan Dakich (@dandakich) February 6, 2014
Of all the crazy things happening tonight, the craziest thus far is Irvin passing up that last three.- Joe Stapleton (@joe_stapes) February 6, 2014
Dear @UMMaizeRage, best first half happens when the jorts show up. Coincidence? I think not.- Chantel Jennings (@ChantelJennings) February 6, 2014
VIDEO: He's on FIRE!!!! Zak Irvin simply can't miss for @umichbball, and we have the proof. WATCH - Big Ten Network (@BTN_Michigan) February 6, 2014
If I would have known it would be like this, I would have brought the black jerseys. We have to come out & win each segment of the 2nd half.- Tim Miles (@CoachMiles) February 6, 2014
Second Half:
Shoelace in the house! Bryan Fuller (@FullOfTwitt) February 6, 2014
Spending time with my guys at halftime. Go Blue. Griffin Hickman (@griffinhickman) February 6, 2014
Spending time with my guys at halftime. Go Blue. Griffin Hickman (@griffinhickman) February 6, 2014
Highest eFG% Michigan has had vs. a B1G team under Beilein was 71.7% vs. Purdue on 2/26/09. U-M currently at 87.0 eFG%!- Drew Hallett (@DrewCHallett) February 6, 2014
Early in the seconds of and @NStauskas11 Has tied a career high with 7 asts- Matt Shepard (@ShepMatt) February 6, 2014
#LiveFromCrisler w/ @RobynMarieee7 @egardsregards @DenardX @idonttweet73 @cpollinger @dmsherwyn92 Devin Gardner (@DevG98) February 6, 2014
With the Horford play, Michigan has its first points from its centers on the night.- Neal Rothschild (@nrothschild3) February 6, 2014
We're going to get significant Andrew Dakich conference minutes, aren't we?- Bry Mac (@Bry_Mac) February 6, 2014
This must be a first. Michigan's win probability is 117 percent.- Neal Rothschild (@nrothschild3) February 6, 2014
This Nebraska team beat Ohio State, Minnesota, Indiana ... Right now, Michigan is up by 41 points.- Matt Pargoff (@MaizeBlueNews) February 6, 2014
Absolute butt kicking here in Ann Arbor. John Beilein always says something nice about opposing team in presser. Good luck today, coach …- Chris Balas (@Balas_Wolverine) February 6, 2014
Beat down @umichbball over Nebraska - Zak Irvin and Glenn Robinson have outscored the Huskers 39-34 by themselves 58% FG- Tim McCormick (@TMcCormickESPN) February 6, 2014
I hereby submit a motion that all home games have an attire requirement: no jorts? No entry. All in favor, retweet #goblue #wearjorts- Ryan Van Bergen (@VanBergen53) February 6, 2014
That's hoops. "@umichbball: 20 assists, 25 baskets. #LiveFromCrisler"- Andrew Beilein (@AndrewBeilein) February 6, 2014
Michigan's best efficiency margin in B1G game since 2002 is +0.492 PPP v. Minnesota on 3/2/10.
U-M +0.667 PPP vs. Nebraska right now.- Drew Hallett (@DrewCHallett) February 6, 2014
Great win for the BLUE hang with the fellas @idonttweet73 @devg98 @shanemorris_7 @bigjakeyB_1… Denard Robinson (@DenardX) February 6, 2014
And @UMMaizeRage leading a "Happy Birthday" song to Beilein on his 61st.- Rod Beard (@detnewsRodBeard) February 6, 2014
Happy Birthday to @umichbball coach @JohnBeilein- Desmond Howard (@DesmondHoward) February 6, 2014
Happy Birthday to @umichbball coach @JohnBeilein- Desmond Howard (@DesmondHoward) February 6, 2014
Michigan only scored 4 points in the final 10:35. I think it's time to ask if John Beilein is the right coach for Michigan.- Scott Bell (@sbell021) February 6, 2014
(That last one was a joke, guys.)
"That's what happens when you lose--You come back angry." #GoBlue #WeWork Michigan Basketball (@umichbball) February 6, 2014
UM wth their largest margin of victory in a conference game under John. Beilein and largest since 1998. 79-50 UM. #michvoice- Matt Shepard (@ShepMatt) February 6, 2014
A a a win #GrowBlue- Jordan Morgan (@JustJMo) February 6, 2014
Lithuanian press here asking Stauskas if he'll play for the Lithuania national team.- Neal Rothschild (@nrothschild3) February 6, 2014
Spike Albrecht has a pretty pedestrian 22:1 assist-to-turnover ratio in 10 Big 10 games.- Stephen J. Nesbitt (@stephenjnesbitt) February 6, 2014
Tim Miles: "When guys get to be 61, it can be tough on the heart. I just wanted to make sure there were no issues. Happy birthday John."- Andy Reid (@AReid_Wolverine) February 6, 2014