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Video: Blake Countess honored to wear No. 2

After donning No. 18 for the first three years of his career, redshirt junior cornerback Blake Countess will wear No. 2 this fall. He talks about the honor of sharing a number with Charles Woodson.
If you can't watch the video, here is what Countess had to say:
On how he came to be wearing No. 2: "It was a conversation - I've always wanted to wear [No. 2] since I committed to the University of Michigan. Growing up I looked up to guys like Charles Woodson and Deion Sanders and they both wore No. 2 in college. That was the number I always wanted to wear no matter which school I picked. Coming here it was a little different but that is definitely a conversation that me and Coach Hoke have had in the past, and did have this offseason.
"It's an honor to be able to wear that jersey. I am not Charles Woodson by any means - I'm just trying to be the best Blake Countess I can be, but that was a goal of mine and I think it's good for the program."
On what he had to do to earn the number: "There is no set standards for the number. Maybe that is a question you can ask Coach Hoke. Obviously Coach Hoke ultimately made the decision so it's probably a better question for him. We have had conversations about the number, about the jersey, and he ultimately made the decision."
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