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Video Feature: Nik Stauskas

The Score Television Network interviews Michigan freshman Nik Stauskas in its UpNext feature, a segment in which Stauskas talks about his first year at U-M, his goals and more …
Nik Stauskas.
Michigan proved to be the perfect fit for him, the Mississauga, Ontario native said, given the relationship he'd developed with head coach John Beilein and the rest of his staff.
"They playing style they had, I knew they liked to shoot the ball. That's obviously something I really like doing," he said. "
I'm getting a great opp for some playing time, getting along witgh my teamamtes well. I'm loving every minute.
Peple say I like the way I come off on the flor, my att, my swaggetr. A little bit. Just try to have fun out there. It means a lot to me, being a Canadian here and having all the support from Americans. It's a lot of fun knowing the students really appreciate my game and the way I play."
One group made a maize and blue Canadian flag that shows up in the student section. Another has dubbed him the "Canadian Mamba."
"It's crazy. I've been working my whole life for something like this," he said. "To finally be here and have all that love is real fun.
"I'm not overthinking things, but as I'm catching the ball, everyone starts standing up you can hear the crowd get up. I love it though. When I hit shots it's obviously great because everyone goes wild. Sometimes it messes me up a little and I get a little too excited. I just try to come in and do what I do, catch the ball and let it fly."