Video interview: Brandon Harrison

A free preview of several interviews to come from the incoming freshmen, many of whom expect to contribute this season. Among them -- Dayton (Ohio) Chaminade-Julienne cornerback Brandon Harrison, one of the more personable and confident in the class of 2009. Those with Quicktime 7 installed can watch here, compliments of
Brandon Harrison Video Interview
Here's Harrison:
On his nickname:
"Scrappy --- that's what my dad always called me. People say I'm short, I've got a chip on my shoulder, I'm just always out there ready to scrap with somebody."
On how his style will translate at the collegiate level:
"I'm just always going to walk out there with a chip on my shoulder ready to play, ready to hit somebody … ready just to make that play. I want to make that hit where everybody says, 'ooh' – I want to hear that whole stadium say, 'ooh, look at that hit.'"
On how speed, finesse and toughness figure into his game:
"I'm from Dayton, Ohio, and in Ohio it's power football. You've got to be mean to play in Ohio. Taking whippings when I was little, you've got to be tough-skinned; you've got to be mean. You've got to come out and intimidate and smack people. Most DBs are like what would you rather have, an interception or a big hit? They'll take the interception. Me, I'd rather have that skull crushing big hit."
On what it will take to crack the lineup as a freshman:
"Be consistent. You've just got to be consistent and make plays in practice. That's one of the things that Coach Carr talks about – if a player is consistent, he'll play. Just come out and knock heads off."
On what he's learned from the older guys:
"Everything you've had in high school and all the awards and everything, when you get here they say it doesn't mean anything. You start brand new. You've just got to come in with a clear mind, ready to learn what you've been coached, listen to the coaches and just do what they say. You have to have faith in your coaches and they'll have faith in you."
On how he's done playing himself in football video games:
"He's had a couple picks in the game, took some back. Been on kickoff and punt return, played a little wide receiver, too. It's been fun. Hopefully that will happen in real life."
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