Video Interview: J.T. Floyd

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Freshman defensive back J.T. Floyd was a late addition to the Wolverines' recruiting class, changing his commitment from Tennessee to Michigan. See what he has to say about his position in college and much more in a free video interview from Media Day.
J.T. Floyd Media Day Interview
On what he has done to earn praise from Rodriguez in practice:
"I've just been working extremely hard day in and day out. I'm a new freshman so I'm trying to get into the playbook as much as I can. Just learn as much as I can – be like a sponge and absorb everything Coach [Tony] Gibson and Coach [Scott] Shafer are trying to teach me and just go out there and try to compete hard every day."
On where he think he has done well in fall camp:
"I think just the coverage aspect and being patient, because being a defensive back, one thing a lot of people don't know, you have to be really patient. Stay in your back peddle and things of that nature.
"I've realized that I'm pretty good at that, but one thing that I have to get a lot better on is just being more physical at the line. Like getting off of blocks and stuff of that nature. I think that will come with time. We're working real hard every day so I think I'll be okay."
On if he's playing cornerback or safety on defense:
"I actually played safety about two days ago. They finally gave me a little work at safety, but mainly I've been trying to master the corner position. It's pretty new to me coming into college. In high school, I was pretty much a safety and only played corner on a need basis. So they're pretty much trying to help me master the corner position and I think they're going to work me in at safety too, but who knows?"
On Donovan Warren and Morgan Trent:
"Both of those guys are extremely talented. Both of them are very knowledgeable about the game and know the playbook. One thing that surprised me is both of them are real helpful. They help me and Boubacar [Cissoko] out. With whatever questions we have, they help us out. So that's been a very positive thing. Those guys are both very talented and I expect them to have a big year."
On if he has talked to the coaches about playing some on offense:
"I would love to, but now right now. The defensive playbook is phonebook thick we say in the locker room. So I'm trying to master that first and we'll see what happens years later."