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What they said: Bret Bielema 'pissed off' after loss to Michigan

Illinois head coach Bret Bielema made his displeasure known after the game that his program was on the receiving end of some questionable calls that did not go in the Illini's favor during the 19-17 loss to Michigan on Saturday.

One play, in particular, that Bielema was asked about was on the Wolverines' crucial fourth and third conversion late in the game.

Bielema and the Illini wanted a pick penalty called on the Wolverines but it was not called.

"I’m extremely pissed off," Bielema told reporters after the game. "Very angry. Very upset. Think our kids did a lot to win the football game and to continually have things go against us, very frustrating. You have to stand up for the people you believe in. I believe in that locker room big time. I know they’ll rise up to the challenge once again."

Bielema didn't stop there, though.

He was asked about the officiating, something that he made a point to argue about during multiple points in the game on Saturday.

It's clear that what's being called against his team, or not called at all, is adding up and he let his thoughts very clear.

"Very frustrated," Bielema said. "I think I always look forward to film on Sundays as a coach. But I keep getting answers I don’t love and it doesn’t help us during the course of the week. We hopefully will play a cleaner game. Some penalties have really hurt us in the last three ball games. We have to correct that internally if we’re doing something illegally then we gotta correct that. Very, very frustrated with the ending of that football game."


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