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What we're hearing: Debunking rumors surrounding Juwan Howard

The Michigan basketball program underwent an interesting flight home after the Wolverines' win over Iowa on Sunday. Rumors spread like wildfire across social media regarding a potential incident involving Juwan Howard.

Here's what we know regarding the swirling rumors surrounding Howard.

- M&BR can confirm through multiple sources that a physical altercation between Howard and an assistant DID NOT occur on Thursday as originally rumored.

- Howard is NOT set to step down or be fired, which has been confirmed through multiple sources.

Sources have used the words 'unequivocally false' and 'all nonsense' when asked about the rumors surrounding Howard.

M&BR can confirm that a verbal altercation occurred between Howard and an assistant on Thursday, which did not turn physical like social media rumors suggest.

It was very much business as usual for the program throughout Sunday and after the game.

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