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Inside The Fort (ITF): Harbaugh's Contract; Intel From Practice Observers

The newest edition of Inside the Fort brings you all the latest news surrounding the Michigan Wolverines' football team heading into its Oct. 24 opener at Minnesota. We discuss position changes inside, as well as how the team is looking according to practice observers.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh's contract is also touched on inside, as well as basketball coach Juwan Howard's heavy pursuit of a top-10 five-star and more.

Read a sample below and click HERE to read the entire update.

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Michigan Wolverines football coach Jim Harbaugh has compiled a 47-18 record during his five years at U-M. (University of Michigan Twitter Account)
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Starting with football, and the latest on the team heading into the Oct. 24 opener with Minnesota …

We have had several go-to sources over the years, including those who have seen practice on the regular, people who have been around the program for decades, more. You get a sense of who’s embellishing, who the optimists are, the pessimists, etc. …

But then there are the ones who, when they tell you something, you know they’re being real. We have a couple like that, and their opinions mean a lot. Years ago, they gave us the truth when it came to the Rich Rod practices (in which one defensive coach’s best bit of coaching was to yell “don’t get beat deep!” before spitting out the Skoal saliva). And when we asked about the offensive line under Brady Hoke, they laughed before telling us the true freshman was — by far — the best of the bunch. It played out that way, too … the coaching just wasn’t up to par.

So we were interested in his opinion on this year’s group.

“I like this team,” he said. “There’s a lot of talent. They work hard. There are no (bad) attitudes.”

That hasn’t always been the case, of course, over the last few years. As Brady Hoke once said, there were still some … well, guys that needed to be purged, though he didn't phrase it quite so eloquently.

As for the performances …

• “The offensive line is good. There have been times (redshirt junior left guard) Chuck (Filiaga) has been one of the best ones out there. The tackles have been great, and (redshirt junior Andrew) Stueber is back to normal.

• “Sammy Faustin has been good. There have been big plays, but Sammy is at corner because he’s better there and good in coverage, not because the corners have been really bad or anything. They're just waiting for someone to separate.



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